Worthy of note: Item #1: Last week I accidentally denigrated the WWF when I said business leaders are, metaphorically, “… trapped in a cage match without the script.” Unbeknownst to yours truly the World Wildlife Fund successfully sued the World Wrestling Federation and the wrestlers are now WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Allan West, who informed… (1 comment)

“Feedback” is a rare word: Even though it’s widely used in business it hasn’t entirely lost its original meaning. Among engineers, feedback (more precisely, negative feedback) is an essential component of control theory: Adding the inverted output of a system to its inputs stabilizes the system’s ability to track changes in input values. The equations… (1 comment)

The most significant challenge in communicating a new idea is convincing people it isn’t exactly the same as a superficially similar, older idea they’ve already embraced. A classic example: During the introduction of object-oriented technology, many warhorse programmers were sure they’d been doing that stuff all along in COBOL. They then went on to write… (5 comments)

You have to read this book. If you lead an IT organization, or part of an IT organization, you have to read it. I didn’t even write the sucker and I’m saying this — what does that tell you? The book is Business Agility: Sustainable Prosperity in a Relentlessly Competitive World (Wiley, 2009).… (3 comments)

We used to say, “Quicker, cheaper, better … pick two.” Then process re-engineering came along, promising improvements in all three through the magic of being more insightful than those who built the current process. Sometimes re-engineering succeeds. Sometimes it does more harm than good, in part because, as discussed in this space over the last…