Businesses that adopt Agile often miss out. Don’t misunderstand. I’m all in favor of Agile development, although I’m less than sanguine about its ongoing evolution from simplicity and charm to complexity and excessive proceduralization. But the missing out comes from a failure to recognize what Agile isn’t, namely, it isn’t limited to application development. Agile… (3 comments)

Ever wonder why good code is so hard to find? In his consistently brilliant, Randall Munroe explains the situation: Write fast and write junk. Write well and your software is obsolete before you’re done. It’s Waterfall vs Agile, of course. And the debate, unsurprisingly, is more often tribal than rational — my team is… (3 comments)

Talk about tough-to-cross chasms … “How Great Entrepreneurs Think,” (Leigh Buchanan, Inc., 2/1/2011) describes seriously interesting research by Saras Sarasvathy on the difference between entrepreneurs and corporate managers. Unlike the usual takes on the subject (this old column, for example), Sarasvathy spent hours with a statistically significant number of both in the context of solving… (8 comments)

Is Agile agile enough? I’ve been an Agile proponent since before we knew to call it Agile (although curiously, I don’t seem to have written much about it over the years). I’m not sure it’s going to survive its own success, though, for three reasons.… (9 comments)