Privacy Policy

IS Survivor Publishing’s complex legalese privacy policy:

By registering at and providing your name and e-mail address, or by buying one of our products, you give IS Survivor Publishing and its parent company, IT Catalysts, Inc., blanket permission to send you occasional e-mails (and a maximum of one telephone call) describing new products, services or other offerings available from either company. That’s the price you pay for getting Keep the Joint Running for free. If you don’t like it … heck, tell us what you’re willing to pay to get KJR without our exercises in self-promotion. We’re open-minded about such matters.

In exchange, we commit to the following privacy policy: You’ll only hear from us (“us” is defined as IS Survivor Publishing and IT Catalysts, Inc.), and not more than a couple of times each month.

We won’t sell or rent our list to anyone else. If we change our minds about this we’ll notify you and give you a chance to opt out.