ManagementSpeak: This shouldn’t take you too long.
Translation: I don’t know how long it should take, and I don’t care. Get it done today.
It didn’t take Alan C. Earnshaw long to join the KJR Club.

When it comes to leadership, coercion is the first refuge of the lazy.

Last week’s column put forth this modest little aphorism, and its proof:

  • In healthy organizations, excellent employees, individually and working in teams, presented with a terrific idea and a well-thought-out plan for implementing it, will want to make it real and will work hard to do so.
  • Therefore, in healthy organizations, coercion, threats, and punishments are, at best, superfluous.
  • Therefore, if employees who are presented with an idea and a plan don’t want to make it real and/or aren’t willing to work hard to do so … if, in other words, coercion, threats, and punishments are necessary … then the organization is unhealthy in one or more of these respects: