ManagementSpeak: Whenever you shift to a more technologically advanced program, some things inevitably get left behind in the process.

Translation: I ignored the experts’ advice and what my customers thought, and went ahead because I want my name on some hot-looking technology.

This week’s contributor paid attention to political advice and decided to remain anonymous.

Professor Irwin Corey would understand …

The “World’s Foremost Authority” once explained, “Today we’re going to talk about the universe. Why? Because there isn’t anything else!”

I’d hoped that when I deconstructed Nicholas Carr’s paean to Cloud computing — officially titled The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, from Edison to Google but more properly titled The Joys of Griddish — it would put an end to the nonsense (see “Carr-ied away,KJR, 2/4/2008).