ManagementSpeak: Once you’ve identified the members of your team who are critical to achieving your department’s business goals, aim to spend roughly 80 percent of your time with the top 20 percent of your staff.

Translation: Micromanage the best, ignore the rest.

This week’s anonymous contributor couldn’t ignore this instruction from his company’s internal management newsletter.

Four words to eliminate from your vocabulary are good, bad, right, and wrong.

No, I’m not promoting rampant immorality, abandonment of your ethical code, or abolishment of truth, righteousness, and the American way.

What I want people to do is to avoid using these as categories, into which they file ideas so that later on they know which ones to pay attention to and which to ignore.

Take, for example, last week’s column, which suggested non-IT business managers might  benefit from Agile’s way of organizing work around generalists, rather than the more usual reliance on coordinating multiple specialists.