ManagementSpeak: For the first time in a long time we are fully staffed.

Translation: We canceled all of the open requisitions.

I don’t know about fully staffed, but thanks to this week’s anonymous contributor, ManagementSpeak is fully translated.

I’m promoting a new business model: Whole Business Outsourcing (WBO). It’s the next logical step after Full Functional Outsourcing (FFO) and its successor, business process outsourcing (BPO). Here’s our value proposition:

A popular means to personal wealth is to start a company, create the illusion of success, then get rid of it for a large chunk of change, leaving the hard work of running it at a profit to someone else.

If you accept the popular-but-unsupported-by-a-shred-of-evidence proposition that businesses should “keep the core and outsource the rest,” it follows that for companies like this, everything except shareholder relations, the IPO process, venture funding, and selling the company outright (pick no more than two) must be non-core.