ManagementSpeak: We need to revisit our implementation strategy.

Translation: I want a way to blame all failures on end-users and contractors, absolving myself of any responsibility.

KJR Club member Harry Ebbeson knows what implementation strategies look like once you get past the Executive Summary.

BP’s new strategy: Tony Hayward isn’t gone, but they’re hoping he will be forgotten. Chairman of the board Carl-Henric Svanberg decided Hayward shouldn’t be turned into one of the small people just yet, because his primary sin was his impact on BP’s image.

Which tells me neither Hayward nor Svanberg has spent much time shopping at the Insight Store. Hayward needs to go, and as is so often the case with headline-making examples of lousy leadership, you can benefit from his ineptitude.

But only if you understand why he needs to go, and it’s a reason none of the commentariat has yet mentioned, probably because the commentariat, while paid lots of cash to bloviate, don’t actually understand anything about business leadership.