ManagementSpeak: Is this the hill you want to die on?

Translation: Reasonable arguments are meaningless as long as I have the power to get you fired.

KJR Club member Rob Pawlikowski also shared his response: “I don’t know. Is this the hill you want to kill me on?”

It appeared in Forbes, it was about how to run IT better, and it was fatuously patronizing.

For a change of pace, it didn’t come from superficially informed business pundits who assume their general-purpose insights qualify them to offer up brilliant ideas for us we’d otherwise never have thought of.

The article (called to my attention by Bruce Gutzmann — thanks!), was titled, “The Convergence Of IT And Business,” (Taylor Buley, 11/19/2009) and suggests, “There’s a new role for IT workers: business consultant.”

Who, you might ask, is so out of touch they think this is a new idea? It was a panel consisting of executives from Microsoft, VMWare, Hewlett-Packard, and other “major technology companies.”