ManagementSpeak: This is your baby.

Translation: I want to wash my hands of this project while continuing to badger you about how badly I think you’re handling it.

This translation is Michon Scott’s baby.

If you don’t subscribe to Seth Godin’s blog, you should. And if you haven’t bought a copy of his latest book, Linchpin: Are You Indispensible? (2010) get one without further delay (unless, that is, your book budget is limited, at which point I’m pretty sure you need one of my titles far more urgently).

Seth, it turns out, is a friend of the family. He and my Dad (the “Godfather of Gore”) are buddies. In Linchpin he even describes Dad as an artist, which … and if you’ve ever watched 2000 Maniacs you’ll understand what I’m talking about … suggests Seth has a very generous definition of art.