ManagementSpeak: There’s nothing to worry about, this is all according to plan.

Translation: We’ve been so clueless about what would happen that this disaster comes as no surprise.

KJR Club member J. MacKenzie was anything but clueless in translating this little gem.

When a state government shuts down, the proximate root cause is a lack of funding. The next-level root cause is that the two sides weren’t able to find an acceptable compromise. The deep root cause is that THE OTHER SIDE IS EVIL, STUPID, AND ENTIRELY LACKING IN THE SLIGHTEST SENSE OF HOW THINGS WORK.

Please trust me on this; I live in Minnesota where we just shut down, and, this is pretty much how everyone looks at the situation … except for those who figure my description applies equally to both sides.

But this column isn’t about government shutdowns. It’s about Cloud shutdowns.