The problem with managing to the numbers is that it doesn’t work. Far too many of those who think having an equity stake in a business qualifies them to run it, is that they think it does.

They are, in a word, naïfs, and in another word, arrogant. Bad combination.

Understanding that the plural of anecdote isn’t data, here nonetheless is an example, provided by a subscriber who understandably needs the details obscured:

It’s time for a few I-told-you-so’s (ITYS), some industry commentary, public policy ramblings, and just enough connection to IT leadership to justify the rest.

ITYS #1: In his Fatal Exception blog, InfoWorld’s Neil McAllister asks, “Is the SaaS experiment finally over?” (7/1/2010). Citing Gartner, which elsewhere continues to cheerlead Software as a Service, he points out that SaaS adoption continues to be both limited and disappointing.

No surprise here.