ManagementSpeak: A key element in the Company’s future is the continued dedication of our 58,000 employees to providing quality care and services…

Translation: The continued dedication of our 58,000 employees is a key element in restoring the value of my currently-under-water stock options.

Two contributors named Harris … Wes and Kent … join the KJR Club with this non-optional translation.

Want a great place to work? Size does matter.


The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal recently published its annual list of the best Twin Cities places to work, divided into three size categories: small (10 to 100 employees), medium (100 to 1,000) and large (more than 1,000).

Beyond the specifics was a correlation that’s fascinating for its near perfection: With only one exception, company scores have no overlap between size categories: The worst of the best small companies outscored the best of the medium-sized ones, which in turn outscored all but one of the large ones.

If you want to work in a truly great environment, your only chance lies with small companies.