ManagementSpeak: I do so much during the day, you guys have no idea.

Translation: I sit in my cubicle all day and watch old reruns of Star Trek: Next Generation on Hulu.

Thanks for this translation go to L.T., who is happy to watch his re-runs on his own time.

I was standing on the National Mall the other day with a quarter million or so of my close personal friends, wondering, as I’m sure most of the crowd was, “How am I going to justify calling this a business expense on my taxes?”

Then Jon Stewart used drivers merging down to one lane as they enter the Lincoln Tunnel as a metaphor for how we all manage to make things work and it hit me: Link a column to the event and I’m good to go. And what could be a better way to do it than to use cars as a metaphor for … something.

And what could be a better something than corporate policies and standards?