ManagementSpeak: We use a comprehensive change management system to ensure the quality of our mission-critical systems.

Translation: You’ll need to ask the committee. I don’t want to be blamed for anything you break.

Igal Koshevoy asks a crucial question: Is a committee a system?

Fog is just a cloud you can touch.

So instead of “Private Cloud,” wouldn’t “Fog” be a better choice?

You can, interestingly enough, build ITIL-compatible Fogs. The Cloud? Far less likely. As last week’s interview with ITIL guru Rick LiaBraaten revealed, The Cloud is deficient with respect to at least four ITIL core processes: Problem Management, Availability Management, Performance Management, and Change Management. We covered the first three of these last week (“ITIL vs The Cloud: Pick One,KJR, 1/10/2011). To continue: