Go to Manhattan if you have the chance, and wander around. Not the tourist or business centers … go to the neighborhoods where New Yorkers visit and live. You’ll see: Hindus and Hassidic Jews negotiating. African-Americans and Pakistanis arguing about baseball. Hispanics and European Americans ordering gyros from Greek restaurateurs. Sidewalks, that is, full of… (2 comments)

In ten days we can all celebrate having survived 2020. Except for those of us who didn’t survive it. A friend made the point that while most of us are quite concerned about COVID-19, we don’t think twice about the risk of driving to the supermarket and dying from injuries sustained in a collision. As… (8 comments)

Recently, scientists at CERN split mercury nuclei for the first time. They expected two zirconium nuclei. What they got was ruthenium and krypton. For some of us, it’s remarkable enough that they could tell. Knowing enough about fission that this result is surprising is even more remarkable. For the particle physics community, the gift was… (14 comments)

I’ve always been jealous of people who regularly experience vivid, colorful dreams. I dream rarely (or rarely remember, which amounts to the same thing). When I do, it’s usually when I’m managing a project on a tight schedule. Then I dream, in artistic black-and-white, that I’ve accidentally killed someone and I’m desperately trying to hide…