ManagementSpeak: Good question — we are working through those details. Next question?

Translation: Ouch! We were hoping no one would ask that.

Alternate translation: I had no idea that was going on. Thanks for bringing it to my attention in such a public setting.

Thanks to KJR Club member George Spohrer for bringing this to our attention in such a public setting.

What’s good for each of us isn’t necessarily good for all of us.

This column is prediction, not advice, so please allow a bit of self-indulgence: History will, I think, mark 2009 as the year the newspaper industry ended in the United States.

It won’t be the year the last newspaper is printed. Like Mike the Headless Chicken, who ran around for a year and a half after his decapitation, print news will linger for awhile. Its demise, however, is assured, the victim of: